Oh hi there!

All our lights are designed by Vanessa and Rachel, twin sisters living in beautiful British Columbia. Both have always been fascinated with fun, colourful lights, since lights have such a huge impact on our homes, workplaces and our urban environments. They create such a mood and aesthetic it is hard not to be passionate about them! 

While scrolling through Instagram, the twins were constantly sending posts of vibrant lights to each other. It got to the point where they wanted to share what they found with others, and the Instagram account, @neonmoonlights was born! 

After a year and a half of sharing light art with the world and growing a community on Instagram. Rachel and Vanessa decided to turn their passion into a business. 

Neon Moon Lights is an innovative lighting studio that specializes in  handcrafted, neon-inspired LED art pieces .  We craft beautifully designed, sustainable products that evoke emotion with glowing hues, adding a purposeful aesthetic to your space, whatever and wherever it might be.